L40 Gas burner Long head , iron gas burners

L40   Gas burner Long head , iron gas burners

Model No.︰L40

Brand Name︰MANniu

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰30 pc

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Product Description

 L40    Gas burner Long head

‧ Improved flame-plate technology and double- thick burner head

‧ With all the features of new burner heads and black flame plates to produce powerful flames

‧ Indispensable for users who need super heating over long periods of time
Precision Ignition Systems: Approved by international standards
 High quality precision valves
 Coupled with a ball valve for anti-leaking safety
 Three times more durable than ordinary valves
 A solid thickness of 2 mm
A: Universal valves
B:Universal vavle set
E:Electronic vavle set

custom_attr5︰ L4-W2-A

custom_attr2︰ 8"

custom_attr3︰ L64 *W34* H20cm

custom_attr1︰ 7.26kg

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