Heat it up with less gas!

Fast, Durable, Energy-efficient

= Money-saving and money-making!

□ 1. All-in-1 XG, XL series IR+Fry all-in-1


The latest all-in-1 stoves! A fast stir-fry stove with IR radiant heat -- saving time and energy

Best choice for upgrading the old gas-type business stoves!


□ 2. Strong D8, D1 series Firepower

Super firepower 
for fast frying in the shortest time!

Patented lotus-head design

Greater and more even distribution of heat

Deep rumble like lotus sports car


□ 3. IR X7, XD 7-Circles

X7: Low-noise fast stir-fry

XD: Enhanced firepower + energy-efficiency  

Small nozzles -- more durable and easier to clean than traditional IR design

Top choice for medium-pressure IR fast stove s


□ 4. Fast L series Fast frying

Significant improvement over traditional flame plates!

More powerful and energy-saving

Unique hidden-type flame ports -- clogging-free!

Basic burner for fast frying


□ 5. Big G, M series Dual-piping

Big dual-piping burner head with 2 rings of flame ports!

Ÿ   Separate control valves

Ÿ   One stove that is as good as two

A must have practical choice


□ 6. Saving F series Energy-saving

Top choice for the most energy- efficient application!

Ÿ  Enhanced heating with unique inward-turning flames for second gasification

Ÿ   more durable one-piece design

Best choice for slow cooking


□ 7. NG 18/24V series NG dual-piping

Greater firepower than traditional natural gas stoves with jet burner heads!

Ÿ   Dual piping with separate controls

Both rings can be turned on simultaneously for maximum heating power


□ 8. Combine G series Spoke-slice model

A combine function stove with comprehensive functions!

Ÿ   Special spoke-slice flames with increased gasification

Ÿ   Powerful and energy-efficient

Even heat distribution that does not burn your wok or pan


□ 9. Even C series Burning-free

Even firepower for best energy efficiency!

Ÿ  Top choice for slow cooking and simmering

Ÿ  Reduce pan-tossing

A must have for the most cost-efficient application


□ 10. Low Low pressure model

Premium low-pressure valve design for greater safety and durability!

Ÿ   Best grater design with a high burner head, keeping out drafts and preserving heat

Ÿ   Simple, beautiful and practical